How to Make Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian style of fried rice. It's sweeter, spicier, and more flavorful!  You can make your own version of Nasi Goreng by deciding which meats or veggies to mix in but, the key ingredients to achieve that jam packed savory plate, are these items:

-Jasmine Rice 

-Sweet Sauce / Kecap Manis

-Belacan Shrimp Paste

-Bamboe Seasoning Fried Chicken

-Sambal Cobek Terasi Chili


For the freshest produce, we recommend going to your nearest farmers market and grabbing:

-White Onion

-Red Chili

-Garlic Cloves




-Chicken or Shrimp


You'll want to cook the veggies and meat first, then add the seasonings, throw in the rice, and top it off with the Samba Chili to serve and Wala!
Let us know in the comments below if this is your first time trying Nasi Goreng👇


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